Ida Denard-Jones is the President of Denard Insurance Agency, which she founded in January of 1990. The business has been thriving right here in the heart of Dorchester for more than 25 years. Previously, Ida worked for United States Fidelity Insurance (USF&G), before branching out on her own. Ida is also a neighborhood leader in entrepreneurship, and devotes time to giving back to her community with local businesses, and in Women’s Ministry right here in Dorchester’s Holy Tabernacle Church. Ida continues her service and commitment to our community with honest and fair business practices, by continuing her education in the field and constantly implementing these tools, as changes and advances happen.

David Heard is the Chief Operations Officer of Denard Insurance. He has been with the company since 2007. Aside from day to day operations, David is responsible for all intra-office and interoffice communications. He works closely with Ida to set operational guidelines, and assists with training new staff. In his spare time, David is a performer here in Boston, and has been featured in many local commercials and movie productions.

Fanny Pimentel has been an employee of Denard Insurance for nearly 20 years. Fanny is a valued and accomplished Office Manager who successfully balances managing the office and managing a bustling household. Fanny is bilingual and is our primary customer service representative for our Latino customers.

Sandra Castillo has been with Denard Insurance Agency for 6 years. She is a bilingual Customer Service Representative and RMV-Specialist. Sandra serves both our English and Spanish speaking customers. In her spare time, Sandra is studying to become a dental hygienist.

Arielle Spivey is the newest on board at Denard Insurance Agency. A recent graduate of the University Pittsburgh, Arielle is training as an RMV Specialist and has quickly proven herself an asset to our team. Arielle’s favorite aspect of her employment is that at Denard Insurance, we are more than employees, we are family.

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