Who We Are:


Denard Insurance is an insurance agency that has been serving the communities of Boston for over twenty-five years. Denard Insurance is an agency that believes in the committed care and education of our customers. Ida Denard Jones, president and founder, started the company in 1990 and has been leading the way in dedicated customer service since the doors first opened.

What we Do:


Automobile insurance in the state of Massachusetts can be difficult to understand. At Denard Insurance we strive to provide our customers with understanding of how the auto insurance industry works and what kind of opportunities they have to craft coverage that works for them. Do you need a $300 deductible or a $1000 deductible? We will explain what it entails; and our bilingual staff will not only cater to your requests, we will also help you understand what it is your policy covers!  Home insurance can now be combined to create even more savings, and give our customers the peace of mind of knowing that their homes and cars are protected with the same great coverage against theft, damage, and unforeseen occurrences.

Making our Customers #1:


Extended office Hours: until 6pm on Thursdays, and open Saturdays by appointment only for your convenience


Flexibility: Have a question or concern – let us know what we can do to help. We are happy to serve however we can.


City Knowledge: We Know! We live here too. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, we know Boston well and understand the driving conditions throughout the year and how to help you stay safe during any season. Our goal is to keep you driving. What is yours?

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Denard Insurance


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